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Author Interview: Jay Crownover + Giveaway

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men and The Point series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.

Casey Marie: If Royal did not exist, would Asa have been strong enough to stay on the right path, or would he have reverted back to his old ways?

Jay Crownover: I had actually planned to kill Asa off in Jet, but there was something about him. When it came to the time I had planned to pull the plug, there was something nagging at me that made me realize he would come full circle and end the series. In Rule’s book, it begins with him becoming his own and since Asa was such a complicated character, he had to wait through the whole series to get to the same point Rule did in book one. Without Royal, he would not have existed. He was special enough to make his story known.

CM: How did you develop all the Marked Men characters and manage to weave their stories so cohesively?

JC: After Rule and Shaw, I knew Ayden was next. But initially, I thought it was going to be Ayden and Nash. The first three books I had totally planned out: Rule and Shaw, Ayden and Nash, and Rome and Cora. I knew that was how it was going to be; however, the scene when they are all at the bar and Shaw goes home with Rule when he takes Nash home changed my initial plan. Ayden was left with Jet and that was my moment of clarity. I realized Ayden needed to be with Jet because she is such a stubborn, tough-chick and she needed a sensitive guy. I didn’t write their book, they did. I did not have a girl planned for Nash since I had planned having him with Ayden. It was not until Rome’s book when they were in the hospital and I knew the nurse was for Nash. I did not have a girl for Asa since he was going to die. As I wrote Nash’s books, all of the sudden he had a neighbor who was a police officer and I knew they were meant to be. A lot of it was character driven. It did not come from me, it came from them. I had no plans for the spin-off series, Saints of Denver. I was done with the Marked Men, but that moment when Sayer and Zeb meet Rowdy, they had a story. I then realized I had secondary characters that I had not done anything with that I might as well tie the whole group up with. I don’t think I did it, they did it.

CM: What was your favorite part of writing the Marked Men series?

JC: My favorite of any book or any series are the firsts. I love the first meeting. I love the first kiss. I love the first thing they have to work through. The first fight is everything. You can’t have a good romance without conflict and it is all about how that conflict goes. I love any of the firsts. All my books have epilogues because I love to see where everyone is at in the end.

CM: If you could take one character from your Marked Men series and pair them with one of your Point characters, who would be the most compatible in a romantic relationship?

JC: Like I always say, I don’t think any of the Marked Men characters would survive in the Point. Asa could probably hold his own and if you pay attention in Titus’ book, there are hints about the worlds interchanging a little bit. Romantically, maybe Asa and stripper, Honor, they are kind of cut from the same cloth, they are really pretty, too charming for their own good. Willing to do what is needed to get what they want, kind of background. None of the girls could handle any of the Point guys, there is just no way. You have to be from the Point to understand. Even though Royal is a cop and Titus is a cop, they are two totally different breeds of police officers. They are not alike. I don’t know, I do not think any of them would be able to survive and sustain a relationship. Denver is very solid, real and normal while the Point is so exaggerated and so bad. It’s like taking me and dropping me in the middle of south central L.A, I don’t know how long I would last!

CM: Kiss, date, or marry: Rule, Nash, and Bax.

JC: Rule is so much like me that I would honestly do nothing with him. Our personalities are just so similar. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me or other people’s input in my life, I make decisions for myself. I always say Nash is the guy I would want to marry now, but Bax is my favorite. Bax is the one I would want to do all the things with. It’s not logical or realistic but I like his personality and that he will never let anyone walk all over him. I also like that he is very much the guy who would die for you. But realistically, Nash is the one character that I have ever written who is the most husband ready. He’s such a good guy.

CM: Best friend, roommate, or rival: Saint, Salem and Reeve.

JC: I would totally want to live with Salem because I would want to steal her clothes; her wardrobe is amazing. My best friend out of all of them would probably be Ayden because she is the one I would want to hang out with. I really like Saint but I am really protective of her, so I don’t think that would be a bestie relationship, it would be more of a big-sister relationship. I love Reeve, but she is a badass. We would probably butt-heads. She does not take anything from anyone and I am kind-of that way, too, so I could definitely see that going side-ways.

CM: Describe your books in five words.

JC: Easy, they are a good time. Everything I do is a good time. They are fun to read, fun to write, it’s all a good time; that’s all I set out to do. I am not trying to change the world, I am not trying to save the dolphins.

CM: Is there one couple or character that you wish you could go back in their head again and write?

JC: When I’m done, I’m done. That’s why I don’t do more stories for one couple. Ever since Rule was published, I receive at least one email daily asking for another book about him. But when I’m done, I’m pretty much done.

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