Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beautiful Blogger Award Tag

Thank you so much to my fellow Air Witch Duane at Duanereads for tagging me!

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Seven Random Facts About Me:

1) I am extremely clumsy. I fell off an elliptical this year. Well, technically I did not fall off of it because I am a clumsy, it actually broke while I was running and I fell off because it broke. However, I did suffer a stress fracture in my foot this year from running. I did not even do something stupid, I was running and I somehow got a crack in my foot.

2) I am literally the red-headed step-child of my family, no one knows where my red-hair came from. Both of my parents are blonde and the only other known relative in my family that had red-hair is one of my cousins. 

3) I have no interest in writing a book and I commend those who can, but I am almost positive all my English teachers expect that I will eventually write a book. My current English teacher actually wrote on the top of one my papers that she is excited to read one of my books some day. I am constantly complimented on my papers for English and all my other classes, but I literally hate my writing.

4) My parents and I own seven cats.

5) I have a slight Hello Kitty obsession that began in late 2014. 

6) While most readers hate the thought of physical activity, I actually love exercising. I usually exercise once a day if my schedule allows for it.

7) One of my proudest accomplishments is losing 60 pounds in a little over a year through diet and exercise.

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  1. Thanks for tagging me, Casey!! Now that you've mentioned your cats though... I expect pictures!