Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Letter To Susan Dennard

Before 2015 is too far behind us, I have to thank you once more for making 2015 the best year so far. When I first met you at ApollyCon early this year, I had never read any of your books or really heard much about you. The only thing I knew is that your Something Strange and Deadly trilogy featured zombies, and one of my really close friends, who loves zombies, had just turned 16, and guess who forgot to get her a present. So, I purchased Something Strange and Deadly and went over to your signing table and had you sign the book for my friend. I cannot even remember what was said during our conversation, but all I really know is that even though I had not read your book, which usually makes me extremely awkward and uncomfortable around the author, you made me feel so at ease and like I was talking to one of my really good friends.

A few months later when authors started announcing that they were going to San Diego Comic-Con, I came up with this brilliant plan to e-mail some authors and see if they would be willing to have me interview them for my blog during Comic-Con. I still had not read any of your books, but that did not stop me from e-mailing you. I still have no idea why I even e-mailed you. I was already so nervous e-mailing authors who I had read every single book they wrote and could brainstorm a million questions for them on the spot, yet I had no hesitation e-mailing an author I barely knew and had never even read a single line of their writing. Sending that e-mail, was one the best decisions I made last year. When I initially went up to you on Thursday during Comic-Con to introduce myself, much like my experience with you at ApollyCon, I felt this instant connection to you. You were so easy to talk to and if I had not been holding up your line, I would have stayed and chatted with you for as long as the signing lasted. I saw you several times throughout the Comic-Con madness and every time I saw you, I felt like I was building a genuine friendship with you.

One of the most memorable moments this year was the announcement of who managed to get a spot on the Truthwitch Street Team. I vividly remember sitting on a bench in the train station in San Diego waiting for a bus to arrive that was to take my parents and I to Mexico. The bus was supposed to leave about a half an hour before the clan members were announced and I was so antsy because I knew that while in Mexico I would have not internet connection and would not know if I managed to get a spot on the Street Team until I arrived back into the United States. Thankfully the tour guide was over an hour late, which gave me enough time to read my name on the list of Air Clan members. 

Becoming a Witchlander is literally one of the best things that happened to me this year. I have met so many amazing people during our Clan Chats and I have formed some amazing friendships within my own clan. When I originally signed on to the Street Team, I had no idea the amount of dedication that would be going into it. I cannot wait to see how the dedication of every Witchlander pays off on the release date of Truthwitch. I really think Truthwitch has a chance of making it onto the New York Times Bestsellers List.

I know our time as a Street Team is dwindling, but I hope that a little piece of us will always be with you, Susan. I speak for all of the Witchlanders when I say that even when we are no longer a Street Team, we will always be supporting you and if you ever need anything, we will always be here to help you. Even if you need help putting together a grocery list, we will be there and help you because once a Witchlander, always a Witchlander.

(Sarah J. Maas, Susan Dennard & Me)
Photo Taken at Comic-Con 2015

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  1. This is the most wonderful, heartfelt, TOUCHING letters. Thank you, Casey. For everything from Apollycon to SDCC to being a #Witchlander. And let's not forget the lovely letter and necklace you sent. Or how fun it was to do our interview at SDCC. Or how AWESOME IT IS that we're friends now. I cannot possibly express to you or any of the rest of the team how much your work and dedication and genuine enthusiasm have meant to me. Thank you. Thank you.

    Aw, I'm gonna go have a happy cry now.