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Event Recap: San Diego Comic-Con 2016 + Giveaway

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has officially been over for a month, but it still very close to my heart. I have been looking forward to attending the convention every year for the last three years and I hope that I will be able to keep attending the convention far into the future. I have recaps of both 2014 and 2015 if you want to check those out, but otherwise let us begin the journey that was San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Comic-Con in a Nutshell

This year I was lucky enough to get badges for all four days and preview night; however, I will not be having a section on preview night because nothing really happens. It is just a period of time to scope out the exhibit hall and score some ARCs. I am happy to announce that I did get ARCs of The Thousandth Floor and Three Dark Crowns which were two of my most highly anticipated ARCs to get during the convention.

On Thursday, I was able to meet both Romina Russell and Alwyn Hamilton during two of Penguin's in-booth signings. They were both amazing women and I am so disappointed in myself for not getting a picture with Alwyn. I got a signed paperback of Zodiac and an exclusive signed ARC of A Traitor to the Throne, which I will be giving away closer to its release date so be sure to watch my Twitter for that. 

Next, I was able to meet Sarah J. Maas for the fifth time during her signing as a special guest of SDCC. As usual, she was such a sweetheart and she actually recognized me when she saw me in the signing line which was a highlight of my day. I got my highly tabbed copy of A Court of Mist and Fury signed. 

Sarah J. Maas and Me

The true highlight of my day; however, was finally meeting Marissa Meyer during a panel signing later on in the day. I actually got to meet her several times over the course of the convention and she is one of the most genuinely nice authors I have ever met. At the same signing I also met Renee Ahdieh, Colleen Houck, Anna Todd, Jodi Meadows, Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Colleen Oakes, and Sam Maggs. They were also amazing and sweet. Throughout the course of the convention, I also saw Renee at numerous other signings.

I almost forgot to mention that prior to that group signing I got to met the lovely duo that is Christina Lauren. They were both absolute sweethearts and I hope to see them again in the future. I feel as though I am over-using the term 'sweet' in this post, but both Christina, Lauren, and all the other authors were so amazing. It is hard to use another word besides sweet.

I kicked day two off by seeing the gorgeous Sabaa Tahir who was signing exclusive SDCC copies of An Ember in the Ashes. She was also giving away ARCs of A Torch Against the Night. Both of which occurred during her in-booth signing at Penguin. While I dislike the idea of in-booth signings because many of them turn into mobs, Penguin has created the perfect system. They ticket their signings in the morning and guarantee the holder whatever book it is. Towards the beginning on the convention, we still mobbed even with our tickets, but as long as you returned during the signing time you could get a signing copy of whatever book it was. Other publishing houses should really look into ticketing, it makes the whole process less stressful for everyone. 

Afterwards, I went to see Kami Garcia during a panel signing and I received a signed ARC of her upcoming novel, The Lovely Reckless, which was one of my most highly anticipated ARCs to get. At the same signing, I also got to see Andrea Cremer, Kate Elliot, Amy Tintera, Brenna Yovanoff, and Mary E. Pearson. Although I had only read books by Kami, this was one of my favorite signings that I attended over the course of the convention. All the women were so kind and easy to talk to. I was also pictured on Fierce Read's twitter talking to Mary E. Pearson which was another highlight of this year. Thanks again to Jordan from The Heart of a Book Blogger who pointed that tweet out to me!

Following that panel signing, I went to see both Renee Ahdieh and Kiersten White in separate in-booth signings. I had met both authors last year at SDCC and I saw Renee the day before. I got a signed paperback of The Wrath and the Dawn from Renee's signing and if you have yet to meet her, she is so gorgeous, inside and out. I brought my ARC and hardcover copy of And I Darken for Kiersten to sign and she is such a sweetheart. I cannot tell you how adorable Kiersten is. It is rather shocking such an adorable person can write such a violent book.

Kiersten White and Me

Later in the day, I saw Alexandra Bracken, Kami Garcia, Marissa Meyer, and Mary E. Pearson on the panel: It's the End of the... YA Series. I loved seeing a few of my favorite authors in conversation with one another. They interacted so well together and it also helped move Mary E. Pearson's The Remnant Chronicles higher on my TBR. 

Next, I got an ARC of Anna Bank's Nemesis which I am really excited to read and review. For the next couple hours I sat in a panel room awaiting the start of Penguin's panel on their upcoming releases. There I was able to snag an ARC of Traci Chee's The Reader. During the time I sat in the panel room, I watched a panel on world building and FUNimation's yearly panel on their highlight anime's and moments. They were both very interesting and I enjoyed both of them.  

Saturday is always the make or break day of SDCC. This is typically the day when the most highly anticipated ARC is released. Last year, it was Susan Dennard's Truthwitch and this year it was Marissa Meyer's Heartless. Thankfully, there were 50 more ARCs of Heartless than there had been of Truthwitch so there was more room for error. Nonetheless, I managed to get an ARC of Heartless and it was a glorious moment. Although I just spoiled the most epic part of Saturday, there were still some other exciting things that occurred.

Me and Marissa Meyer
While the Heartless signing was much later in the day, the morning began with Marissa Meyer signing posters and giving out excerpts of Wires & Nerves, the upcoming Lunar Chronicles graphic novel. I later came back to the same booth for Mary E. Pearson's signing of annotated excerpts and posters of The Beauty of Darkness

I then went to see Ransom Riggs, James Dashner, Melissa de la Cruz, Scott Westerfeld, Ben H. Winters, Peter David, and Anthony Breznican on their panel: I Read It Before (And After) It Was a Movie. It was really exciting to see all of them interacting with each other and talking about the movie process. I went to their signing later on to get a birthday present signing for a friend and it was great to finally meet Ransom Riggs. I also got to see Tahereh Mafi, who I have seen every year at SDCC, and I got a signed ARC of her upcoming Middle Grade novel, Furthermore. It was rather interesting seeing both her and her husband back-to-back.

Soon after I went to see the panel: The Female Geek: Women as Fans and Creators featuring Leigh Bardugo, Sabaa Tahir, Kiersten White, Sarah Kuhn, Kathleen Smith, Margaret Stohl, and Madeline Ashby. It was essentially a feminist panel and it was really interesting to hear each author's story and opinion on the subject. While it was not meant to be taken as funny, the women on the panel are really charismatic and their interactions turned out rather funny, at times. Margaret Stohl is always the life of each panel she is on. I went to their signing immediately after the panel and it was great to speak with each author. While I had met a majority of the authors during the course of the convention, I was excited to see Leigh and get my hands on one of the beautiful Crooked Kingdom's poster. 

I then went downstairs to the exhibit hall to get a signed chapter sampler of Kami Garcia and Jonathan Maberry's X-Files Origins. I must say, the chapter samplers were very well thought out, they look like legitimate classified documents. Then I ran over to see V.E. Schwab, a.k.a Victoria Schwab, signing copies of Vicious and fortunately I was the second to last person to get a copy. Victoria is such a sweetheart and it was great to finally meet her.

I then ran upstairs to see Laini Taylor on a panel signing. For whatever reason she ended up not being on the panel even though she was originally supposed to be. Nonetheless, I was given an ARC of Jessica Cluess' A Shadow Bright and Burning, who was on the panel so I stayed and got it signed. The signing of Heartless followed and after that I left because my feet were in so much pain.

Oh, Sunday, why must you come so soon? I began the morning by attending Marissa Meyer's spotlight panel as a special guest of SDCC. While I loved hearing her talk, it was my least favorite panel because the moderator, Petra Mayer of NPR, made the panel more about herself and less about Marissa.

After that I ran to the Sails Pavilion for the panel signing of: What's Hot in Young Adult Fiction? with Nathan Bransford, Renee Ahdieh, Victoria Aveyard, Michelle Hodkin (who is pictured with me to the left), Lauren Oliver, Brendan Reichs, Victoria Schwab, Laini Taylor, and Adam Silvera. This was my most highly anticipated signing because two of my favorite authors, who I had never met before, Michelle Hodkin and Laini Taylor, were both signing. The signing was even more amazing than I had hoped for. I got an excerpt of The Shaw Confessions, the upcoming Mara Dyer spin-off series, wrote into the back of my copy of The Retribution of Mara Dyer. Everyone was amazing and the panel, which was later on in the day, was great as well. This year's San Diego Comic-Con was absolutely amazing. I got to see some old friends and make some new ones. I also got to meet new authors and see some old faces. I regret nothing about this SDCC and if I do manage to get badges for next year's Comic-Con, I can only imagine what the future holds.   

Now that my recap is done, here is what you have all been waiting for: the giveaway....

This year I wanted to try to spread the SDCC love as much as I could so I designed three different prize packs. Each prize pack contains two books/ARCs and an Epic Read's *Book Shimmy* tote bag. You can enter each giveaway as many times as you want, but you can only win one prize per person.

All the rules are the same for each prize pack so make sure to comply with all the guidelines. 

  • You must be 18 years or older, unless you have a parent's permission
  • This giveaway is only open to those with a U.S. mailing address (Sorry INT followers)
  • Once contacted, the winner will have 72 hours to respond with their address, or a new winner will be chosen
  • STARTS August 23rd, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. EST 
  • ENDS September 24th, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. EST

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages

Good Luck!

PRIZE PACK #1: A Signed SDCC Exclusive Copy of An Ember in the Ashes &
A Signed ARC of A Torch Against the Night

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PRIZE PACK #2: A Signed ARC of Furthermore &
A Signed ARC of A Shadow Bright and Burning

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PRIZE PACK #3: An ARC of Nemesis &
An ARC of Frost Like Night

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Release Week Blitz: Swear on this Life by Reene Carlino

From USA TODAY bestselling author Renée Carlino (Before We Were Strangers), a warm and witty novel about a struggling writer who must come to grips with her past, present, and future after she discovers that she’s the inspiration for a pseudonymously published bestselling novel.

When a bestselling debut novel from mysterious author J. Colby becomes the literary event of the year, Emiline reads it reluctantly. As an adjunct writing instructor at UC San Diego with her own stalled literary career and a bumpy long-term relationship, Emiline isn’t thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of a young and gifted writer.

Yet from the very first page, Emiline is entranced by the story of Emerson and Jackson, two childhood best friends who fall in love and dream of a better life beyond the long dirt road that winds through their impoverished town in rural Ohio.

That’s because the novel is patterned on Emiline’s own dark and desperate childhood, which means that “J. Colby” must be Jase: the best friend and first love she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Far from being flattered that he wrote the novel from her perspective, Emiline is furious that he co-opted her painful past and took some dramatic creative liberties with the ending.

The only way she can put her mind at ease is to find and confront “J. Colby,” but is she prepared to learn the truth behind the fiction?

AMAZON | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Atria Books

Exclusive Excerpt:

During the winter we pretended our way through the classics, read every popular kid’s book and by spring of our sixth grade year, the spring of all the rain, we were ready to be outside and explore again. There was a creek about half a mile back from our houses, past the tree line. Because of all the rain that year, it had become more of a river with the strongest currents right behind where we lived. Every adult warned us to be careful, even my dead-beat dad would say, “You better use that big brain of yours and stay out of the creek. You want to go swimming, you can go to the pool in town.”


Funny he would say that because the community pool was a seven-mile bike ride and it cost three dollars to get in. There was no way I was going unless Leila, Jax’s mom gave us a ride and even then, I would have to borrow the money to get in.  Frankly, going to the town pool was a pipe dream. It became a myth to us, a fantasy like Disneyland or Europe. Jax and I would try to imagine what it was like to go there.

“I bet they sell popsicles and popcorn and they probably have clowns too,” I said.

It was a warm day; we had made a picnic in the weeds. I laid out my Toy Story sleeping bag I’d had from when I was a kid. Jax brought a jar of applesauce and I brought Fun Dip that my dad had bought me at the 7-11. We mixed the fun dip into the jar and took turns eating spoonfuls.

“Community pools don’t have clowns, genius.”

“How do you know?” I said.

“Because I just do.”

“I bet there’s a high dive, like fifty feet in the air.”

“Do you know how high fifty feet is? You would die hitting the water. The impact would kill you.”

“You’re such a know-it-all, Jackson. Why can’t you let a girl dream? We’re never going to that pool because no one will ever take us, plus, it costs money, and last time I checked you weren’t making any.”

He lay back on the blanket and propped his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. “I’m not a know-it-all, I just have cable. And as soon as I turn sixteen, I’m getting a job. I’ll pay for us to go to the pool. You’ll see, it’s just a big hole with water in it.”

I never really stared at him until that day. His eyes were closed so I took the time to inspect every inch of him. I was so curious about his body. My own body was changing and I was terrified of it. Jax was getting taller. He was going to be tall like his father, but he looked more like his mother in coloring and features. Jax’s mom was French, so they had this creamy skin that looked sun-kissed year around and his brown hair and brown eyes had streams of gold running throughout it. He was letting his hair grow longer because he’d been watching some show on TV that took place in California. He said everyone in California had long hair.

I was trying to grow my own unruly, brown locks out. I don’t know why, I always had it in a braid. Maybe because I thought I would go to California with Jax one day. We both yearned for more than weeds and corn. All the books gave us those silly ideas and filled our heads with things that might never be.

I lay down beside him and stared directly into the sun. He turned on his side and propped his head on his elbow.

“You’ll go blind doing that,” he said in a low voice.

“Leave me alone.”

“Why are you in such a bad mood? You PMSing?”

“What do you know about it?”

“A lot.”

“I doubt that and even if I were, it’s beyond rude to talk to me about it.” I hadn’t started my period yet but I wasn’t going to tell him that.



Renée Carlino is a screenwriter and bestselling author of contemporary women's novels and new adult fiction. Her books have been featured in national publications, including USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Latina magazine, and Publisher's Weekly. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog June. When she's not at the beach with her boys or working on her next project, she likes to spend her time reading, going to concerts, and eating dark chocolate. Learn more at

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Release Day Launch: Torn (Wicked #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The highly anticipated second book in New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked Trilogy is available today! Be sure to grab your copy of TORN!


Torn between duty and survival, nothing can be the same.

Everything Ivy Morgan thought she knew has been turned on its head. After being betrayed and then nearly killed by the Prince of the Fae, she’s left bruised and devastated—and with an earth-shattering secret that she must keep at all costs. And if the Order finds out her secret, they’ll kill her.

Then there’s Ren Owens, the sexy, tattooed Elite member of the Order who has been sharing Ivy’s bed and claiming her heart. Their chemistry is smoking hot, but Ivy knows that Ren has always valued his duty to the Order above all else—he could never touch her if he knew the truth. That is, if he let her live at all. Yet how can she live with herself if she lies to him?

But as the Fae Prince begins to close in on Ivy, intent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld, Ivy is running out of options. If she doesn’t figure out who she can trust—and fast—it’s not only her heart that will be torn apart, but civilization itself.

iBooks ** Amazon ** Kobo ** Barnes and Noble


"You need this book. You need this series. It's paranormal at its best. It's New Adult at its best...Can I give this book more than 5 stars? I would if I could." ~Valerie, Stuck in Books

  TORN - RDL Teaser 1  


             I lifted my right hand, reaching for my iron stake out of instinct, even though I knew it would do no good against the prince.
             “You shouldn’t do that.” His voice was deep with what reminded me of an English accent. “I know you want to, but it would be very, very unwise of you, Ivy.”
              My hand twitched.
              Creepy Prince smiled slightly. “Your friend has been very helpful.”
              That got my hackles up. I slid my sunglasses onto my forehead and forced my tone to stay calm and level. “I’m sure she has. Speaking of Val, happen to know where I can find her?”
              His lips curled in a semblance of a smile as he stepped closer. The prince was tall, taller than Ren, who was pushing six foot two. My entire back stiffened as I forced myself to hold my ground, even though every instinct demanded that I run and run super fast, because he had almost killed me once before. Correction. He would have definitely killed me if he hadn’t realized what I was and had, I guessed, healed me.
              “I’ve been waiting for you,” he said, instead of answering my question, his pale blue eyes fixed on mine.
              My hand curled into a useless fist. “That is extremely creepy to hear.”
              That cold smile returned. “Why don’t we talk? There are seats across the way.”
              “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”
              The slow smile increased but never reached his eyes. “Oh, I know it is.”
              Fine hairs rose on my arms.
              “What exactly can you do right now?” he said in the same coldly polite voice. “Refuse me?” Creepy Prince laughed, and it wasn’t a bad sound. Again, it was something that was just cold, as if he were mimicking what a human would do. “You can’t.”
              “I can.” My palm itched to grab the thorn stake secured under my pant leg, but I held still. I might be reckless, but I wasn’t stupid.
              “Really? I will have to beg to differ on that. You see, humans surround us. So many of them, and I have an extraordinary appetite.” His eyes appeared to glimmer as his gaze slithered from the top of my curly head down to my toes. “A rather impressive appetite for many, many things.”
              “Okay. First off, ew.” My lip curled. “Secondly, I don’t want to hear about any of your appetites.”
              One dark eyebrow rose. “Oh, but you should know that I could kill twenty of these humans in less than five seconds and feed on the rest, leaving them to believe that it was this little red-headed girl who murdered these innocent people.” His voice dropped even lower as he leaned in and icy air brushed my cheek. “You deny me this, those lives will be on your hands, little bird.”
              Anger flushed hotly as my eyes met his. There wasn’t a single part of me that doubted anything he said. He had me. God, I hated to admit it, but he had me.

"Drama! Action! Romance! Twists! Torn had it all...Torn was a perfect continuation of the Wicked Saga." ~Kim, Kimberlyfaye Reads


Things are about to get Wicked in New Orleans…

Don’t miss the first title in the series, WICKED!



Amazon ** Barnes and Noble ** iBooks ** Kobo


#1 New York Times and #1 International Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time reading, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki. 

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV. Her young adult romantic suspense novel DON’T LOOK BACK was a 2014 nominated Best in Young Adult Fiction by YALSA. 

 She also writes Adult and New Adult contemporary and paranormal romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.  

Website ** Facebook ** Twitter ** Novel Goodreads ** Author Goodreads

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The Books that Helped Me Survive My Sophomore Year of High School

I have no idea how old you are, what grade you are in, or if you have already graduated high school. All I do know, is that there seems to be primarily two types of high school experiences: either you have a great one, or a lousy one. While my own high school experience has allowed me to discover many other types in between the main two types, the feelings that people carry around about high school seem to only fall in those two categories. Academically, my two years of high school could not be going any better; however, my social one could use a major improvement. 

While my lack of blog posts over the last nine months or so has been due to my crazy school schedule and summer homework, I am gad to say that I survived and am thrilled to be back doing one of my favorite things: blogging. At the beginning of the school year, I struggled to find a balance between school work and reading, so I was unable to read much. The last half of the school year, however, allowed me to start reading more and I will be publishing several reviews of books that I read from January to June over the next couple weeks. 

This school year was rather challenging to me both socially and academically, so I wanted to make a blog post focusing on the books that helped keep me on track this year. I read these books either prior to or during this school year and I would not have finished the school year the way I did without them.

The only Advanced Placement class I took last year was AP World History. I pushed off the summer homework, reading nine chapters of a textbook while talking outline notes and reading nine chapters of an independent reading book while doing a double entry journal of each chapter, because why would I want to make my life easier? 

Long story short, I ended up being really behind on my work during the first quarter, who am I even kidding, I was behind on my work every quarter except the last quarter for that class. Anyway, my one saving grace in that class was the fact that I had marked down Dallas' suggestion to Carson, in All Lined Up, about how to properly outline an essay. While I did not have to outline an essay, the basic concept of how to outline notes allowed me create some amazing notes that my teacher always gave me full credit on, no matter how late I turned them in. I would like to take a moment to thank Cora for aiding me in keeping my 100+% average in history.

My teacher still has a majority of my notes, so I cannot count exactly how many I took. But, throughout the course, I took over two hundred pages of notes on a nine hundred and something paged textbook. That does not even count how many pages of notes I had to take on the massive religion packet and all the other packets he gave us throughout the year. I would also like to take a moment to recognize the lives of all the trees I took during that class. Rest in peace.

A lot of high school problems are due to your own insecurities, a lack of communication, and your skewed perspective. When you are a teenager, you believe that you are always hearing the truth, you never question the rumors or whatever you over-hear. In Nash, the main character, Nash, and his love-interest, Saint, knew each other from high school. Saint always had a crush on Nash and one day he heard a rude comment that Nash said about some girl and assumed he was talking about her. 

Teenagers as a whole are extremely vulnerable to anything that hurts our self-esteem or body image. Throughout both years of high school, I have had problems with my so-called "friends" and my body image because I lost 60 pounds a few years ago, but I still have no idea how to properly dress my new body. I am more of a loner, like Saint was in high school and over-hearing general statements as I walk by or from my friends that could easily fit always make me wonder. 

While no book can truly stomp out my insecurities, Nash made me question if those comments are really directed towards me. More than likely, any of the hundreds of girls in my school could have thought they were directed towards them as well. No one is truly perfect, I have to accept that whether or not I want to.

The Year We Fell Down is actually one of the few books I had the opportunity to read during this school year and it is one of the most important. The Year We Fell Down follows a girl's freshman year of college after being tragically paralyzed the year before. I had never read a book where the main character was paralyzed and it left a lasting impact on me. Like any teenage girl, my appearance means something to me. While I do not wear make-up, I could easily cover up a huge zit with some foundation. You cannot cover a life-lasting disability, like being paralyzed, with some foundation though.
The Year We Fell Down made me realize that, although I had to sit next to my crush in a couple classes with large zits on my face, I did not have to sit next to him in a wheelchair. Not only am I fortunate enough to not have a disability interfering with my in my daily life, I do not have one that interferes with what I love, running. I empathized for Corey because while she meets her love-interest, Hartley, due to his temporary foot injury, even sitting in her wheelchair temporarily when others come around shames him. Life could be a million times worse than the loads of homework I have or the zits I have.

Recent(ish) Book Events I Attended

Love N' Vegas took place from July 17th to 19th in 2015 at the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I met Jay Crownover, Abbi Glines, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Jamie McGuire again. I also got to meet several new authors, such as Helena Hunting, Renee Carlino, M. Mabie, Monica Murphy, and Amy Harmon. There were also several models there, one of which was Drew Leighty, who models for Jennifer L. Armentrout's Titan series.

I was also fortunate enough to meet some other fellow readers who my parents and I quickly befriended. I really enjoyed the event and would love to attend another Love N' Vegas sometime in the future. Last year, the dates for Love N' Vegas were perfectly scheduled,  allowing my parents and I to come directly from San Diego after Comic-Con to Vegas. For more information on this year's event, from August 5th-7th, click here for more information.

YA Fest occurred October 10th of 2015 at the Palmer Branch of the Easton Public Library. This was the second year I attended YA Fest, you can read about my experience at YA Fest 2014 here. If you live around Philadelphia, or anywhere near Easton, Pennsylvania, I highly recommend checking out YA Fest. The event staff creates a highly organized event that always features a great list of attending authors. 

I was fortunate enough to meet one of my favorite authors, Wendy Higgins, for the third time. I was also able to meet Martina Boone, Mindy McGinnis, Robin Constantine, and countless other amazing YA authors. Do not forget to check out YA Fest on their website for information on next year's event. I am hoping I will be able to attend.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Marissa Meyer's signing for Stars Above. I was, however, able to attend Victoria Aveyard and Sophie Jordan's talk and signing, along with Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas' Galentine's Day talk and signing. I had an amazing experience at both events and I arrived at Barnes and Noble early enough to get second in the signing lines and a good seat. The Barnes & Noble was fortunately located in the Neshaminy Mall, so my aunt and mom, who attended the event with me, were able to shop around. It was also nice because it allowed us to get a meal to eat at one of the restaurants in the mall. The store was in the absolute perfect spot and the staff members were very kind. I highly recommend attending any events that happen at this particular Barnes & Noble, I hope to go to an other event there sometime in the future.

Markus Zusak's The Book Thief is my absolute favorite book of all time and I highly doubt it will every be topped. I had accepted the fact that more than likely I would never meet him due to him living in Australia as well as the fact that he rarely tours and that it will probably be a while until he releases a new book. When it was announced that he would be touring the U.S. for the 10th anniversary of The Book Thief's release, I knew I had to see if he was coming anywhere near my home in Pennsylvania. The closest he was coming was New Jersey and Connecticut. My parents were amazing enough to let me take off a few days of school and took me to Stamford, Connecticut, a more than four hour drive, to let me meet my absolute favorite author. I was actually the first person in his signing line at the Barrett Bookstore and later that night I attended his Q & A and got to watch the movie of The Book Thief in his presence at the Avon Theater.