Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Amazing Opportunity!

     I have been specially selected to get an advance copy of Julie Kagawa's newest book, The Iron Traitor, courtesy of Girls Life Magazine,
     This is a huge honor and an amazing opportunity because I will be reviewing the book and I have a chance for my review to be put in the December/January issue of Girls Life Magazine! I am also hoping that if my review is featured in Girls Life that my name will be out there, which could lead to more viewers! Also I have been dieing to get my hands on The Iron Traitor since I finished The Lost Prince last year! Plus Julie Kagawa is one of my favorite authors which makes this so much more amazing! 
      So check out my review of The Iron Traitor October 29, the release day, because I do not believe I am supposed to give away anything until the release day. Also stay tuned to see if my review ends up in the December/January issue of Girls Life Magazine.
PS: I will be seeing The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones tomorrow so expect to see the  review up sometime tomorrow.  

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