Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Book to Movie Adaptaion Traliers.

      Last week the first teaser trailer to Vampire Academy was released,, and this week the first trailer was relesed for
The Book Thief,
      I have read the entire Vampire Academy series as well as its spin of series Bloodlines, and the trailer is interesting, most of the scenes I remember, a few of them I do not remember in the book but, it has been over a year since the last time I read it so I could be forgetting some scenes. Some of the trailer did freak me out, do you guys remember reading about so many fangs being seen. I do hope in the next trailer they talk about the different types of vampires so it comes across as not your average vampire movie.
      The Book Theif  is one of the books on the top of my to-read list because all I have heard about the book are good things. It seems like everyone who has read it absolutely loves it. Even if I do not read the book in time for the movie release date, which I have no clue when, I would still like to see the movie, because it looks like a great film. 
      If you have read the books or just watched any of these trailers, what are your reactions to them?

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