Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1


When Katniss destroys the games, she goes to District 13 after District 12 is destroyed. She meets President Coin who convinces her to be the symbol of rebellion, while trying to save Peeta from the Capitol. (Via. www.imdb.com)

Release Date: November 21st, 2014 

Running Time: 123 minutes

Rating: 5/5 stars


    Normally, I go to a local movie theater and watch a book-to-movie adaptation the day it is released. But, when it came to Mockingjay Part 1, I tried to push it off as long as I could. It was not that I was dreading a new Hunger Games' movie because all the movies have a fantastic cast, filming location, and scripts. But, I was dreading what the movie would bring. This is the non-spoiler section so I can't exactly say what I was dreading, but if you have seen the movie you should know what I am talking about.
   All that aside, the movie was fantastic, it blew away all my expectations. Although, I wish I would have re-read the book before watching the movie. Several times I had drawn a blank as to what was going to happen, I only remember key scenes. I am definitely going to re-read Mockingjay before the second part is released, to prevent that from occurring again.  
   Overall, Mockingjay Part 1 was filled to the brim with action, on-the-edge of your seat suspense, and extraordinary locations. I am so excited to see Mockingjay Part 2 this year, but I am sad that the trilogy is nearing its end. 
     Current Reviews of the Series:

     I don't even know where to start when it comes to Mockingjay Part 1. I loved how the movie contained some overlooked details that you would have only caught if you had read the book or were paying close attention. It took me until after the movie to realize that the small ball Katniss carried around and played with between her fingers was not a marble like I originally thought. It was actually the pearl Peeta gave to her in Catching Fire. I also liked that when Katniss entered the hospital in District 8, someone asked her where her baby was. I had mentioned in my Catching Fire review, I disliked how after Katniss and Peeta announced her "pregnancy" to try to stop the games, we never heard fake talk of the baby. It was one loose end that could have been easily sealed and I am glad it was. Another small detail was Finnick and his fishing knots. I really appreciated how all these details were wound into the story without taking away from the film. 
   I can't get enough of The Hanging Tree. When The Hunger Games was originally released I was bummed that it had not made it into the movie. So, I was shocked when I heard it in Mockingjay Part 1. As the song played, I was ecstatic, a feeling not often attached to a dark song like The Hanging Tree. Jennifer Lawrence did such a phenomenal job, the song is amazing and one of my favorites.
    The main reason I pushed off watching Mockingjay Part 1 was Peeta. I knew how horrible he was going to look and how that affected Katniss. It is hard for me to watch other people suffer, even if it is fictional. I want to give the make up artists and all the others involved in his transformation a round of applause, they did an extraordinary job making him look so horrible, it was so realistic.
    The only complaint I had about the movie were the angles, a couple times the camera kept spinning around and I felt really dizzy. Did anyone else feel dizzy?
When they originally announced that Mockingjay was going to be split into two parts, I was not on board with the idea. But, seeing the first part on the big screen really opened my eyes to what a wonderful idea it was. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job on the movie and I can't wait to see how well they adapt Mockingjay Part 2 this November.

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