Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reaction to the Official Divergent Trailer & Movie Poster


     Above is the new poster for the book to movie adaptation of the novel Divergent by, Veronica Roth. This week both the first full length movie trailer and the final movie poster was released for Divergent. Personally the poster looks amazing, just the cast I am still not sold on.
     After watching the first full length trailer I am still not completely happy with the cast. The main two cast members I have a problem with are Tobias (Four), played by Theo James, and Tris, played by Shailene Woodly. They both seem like great people and actors/actresses but they do not look like what I pictured Four and Tris to appear. The main reason I have an issue with those two is Theo looks too old to be playing Four and Shailene is too tall and looks way stronger than I imagined Tris. Shailene is 5'8'', the same height as me, Tris on the other hand is about 5'2'' if that. That is probably the worst thing with book to movie adaptations. Not everyone will accept the cast as these group of beloved characters.
     I was really impressed with the trailer. After seeing the first one and knowing the cast I was not too thrilled about the release of the movie. But, this trailer changed my mind. Yes, I may not be sold on the actors/actresses yet, but they still have time to win me over. As well as I usually go see these book to movie adaptations for the book, not the movie. What I am trying to say is I go to see this book unfold on the big screen, there may be flaws but all I care about is that these books were good enough to have its moment in Hollywood, which is becoming a big thing lately.
     In the trailer, my favorite scene that was shown was when Tris goes zip-lining. It was amazing to have been able to see that in the trailer. I also liked the tattoo scene when Four shows Tris his tattoos of all five faction symbols on his back. Plus the dialogue in that scene about Four saying that he wanted to have every quality, not just be one of them.
      The one thing that they are lacking in the trailer was the explanation of what a divergent is. It is a hard concept to explain in a two minute trailer but I felt that they could have explained it better than they had. The audience that have already read the novel  knows what they are, but the audience who has not is confused and I feel for them. Hopefully in the next trailer divergent with be more defined.
     Overall, I was very impressed with both the trailer and poster. This is getting me pumped up to see the book take center stage on March 21st. If you have yet to see the trailer here is the link: 
For those of you who have seen the new trailer and poster feel free to leave your comment on both down in the comments!


  1. I am new to the Divergent series, just finished it actually, and I decided to see the trailer just now... I was actually impressed with the scenes. However, Beatrice "Tris" is so not how I pictured her, wow... I imagined her to have more blonde, more curls. Her face isn't long, narrow, and she doesn't have by eyes. The book itself says that she's still like a little girl, yet she looks older than 16 in the movie. Also, I totally agree, they needed to explain what Divergent was, they should've tried to show that it was special, different from the other factions. I also love how it shows Tris and Four together, they're bond and their relationship. I didn't like who they picked as Tori, though, and I hated the scene where it shows that Tris isn't any of the factions, that she's Divergent, I pictured her and the dog and how she had to pick the knife to kill it, or the cheese, but how in the end, the dog was friendly. I loved how the setting was, though. The school, Beatrice's house, her mother, and the train, it was almost perfect. I'm excited to see the movie, it looks a lot better than Vampire Academy! Haha :)

  2. Kylee!
    I could not agree with you more! It is nice we see eye-to-eye on things like this.