Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reaction to the full length 'Vampire Academy' Trailer


     Vampire Academy has come a long way from its original teaser trailer. But I am still not completely sold on the movie. Do not get me wrong, I fell in love with the book series. I am just not quite sure how it will be adapted to film. 
      Recently my parents and I watched Mean Girls so when people were talking about how the trailer sends off that vibe, I now understand. That is not a bad quality though. It makes the movie more appealing because of its comedy qualities. The movie seems to have more comedy than the book, it is less serious. The main thing I dislike about that is the movie seems like it is kind of making fun of vampires.  
      I had hoped that Rose, played by Zoey Deutch, would explain more about the races of the vampires. Since there are three different kinds, Moroi, Dhampire, and Strigoi. But we cannot get everything we want, especially considering the length movie trailers are. 
      From what I have seen, I like the casting choices. For example, I am thrilled that Dimitri, played by Danila Kozlovsky, is actually Russian. The only thing I dislike are the accents. I understand Dimitri having an accent since he is from Russia and Rose points it out periodically. But Lissa, played by Lucy Fry, and Christain, played by Dominic Sherwood, both have Australian and British accents even though they are playing Americans. I understand that they can never drop their accent but I wish it would have been a little bit harder to tell that they had one.
       I loved seeing snippets of some of the well known scenes. For example scenes like, the dance, the lust charm, Strigoi vs. Dhampires and Dhampire training. I was so excited to see those and they look great! Some of the cenes I did not remember from the book, so I will definitely be rereading Vampire Academy closer to the movie's release date! 
       I may have mixed emotions but I am still looking forward to the release of Vampire Academy on February 14th of 2014, Valentine's Day. Also here is the link to the full length Vampire Academy trailer if you have yet to see it:


  1. Hey, Casey :) Yeah, I know what you mean lol, I watched the trailer so many times over because I was so surprised at the cast... I believe Lissa was the actor that surprised me the most. During the trailer, when Lissa sucks Rose's blood, it was sort of totally not how I initially imagined it. Also, the movie is cramming more than one book into it. Vampire Academy deserves a better movie adaption! However, I kind of like what I saw, I mean, some of the scenes were portrayed nicely, and it looked pretty good in some ways, so I am excited to see it, but I hope the actual movie is better than the trailer!

  2. Kylee!
    Yes, we will have to wait and see what we overall think about the movie until it is actually released. Today new stills for 'Vampire Academy' have been released and it is looking pretty good! I am really excited to see it in theaters, hopefully we can go together!