Monday, April 1, 2013

Attention Readers #2

Dear Readers,

    Yet again, I must thank you for staying loyal and PATIENT with me. I have discovered how to upload the videos on my computer but now the battery in my camera will not charge, since it is almost 6 years old. But even though the battery is not working I am aiming to get a video post, by using an other camera or something because I have been putting this off for too long, it should be up by the end of the week. Since it has been so long, I have seen and read quite a bit of books and movie and here is a list of them:


The Power of Six by, Pittacus Lore 
Also Known As by, Robin Benway
The Selection by, Kiera Cass
Onyx by, Jennifer L. Armentrout 
The Implosion of Aggie Windchester by, Lara Zielin
Clockwork Princess by, Cassandra Clare
The Host by, Stephenie Meyer

The Host 

     So there are all the books and movies I have seen and read, if any of you would like me to review any of them, post the title down in the comments and I will either review it on here or my channel. I will also give you guys an update when I upload the video, and put a link on the blog somewhere. Until next time, I am still very happy to have loyal readers and I hope you all will follow me on my Youtube journey.

Yours Truly,

Casey Marie  


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