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My Favorite Signed Books

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The first time I met Jennifer L. Armentrout was at Celebrate the Book in October of 2013. It was the second time I had ever been to a bookish event; however, this was the first time I had ever attended a multi-author event.

I was extremely nervous because Jen is one of my all-time favorite authors who I deeply admire. When it was my turn to met Jen during her signing, she immediately asked me if I had ever attended a book event before. I hesitantly answered yes because I assumed I had done something wrong to prompt that question. However, she asked me that because she thought she had seen me before at one of her events. At that point, I was already extremely embarrassed and did not correct how I answered her question.

I got several books signed by her at Celebrate the Book, but Cursed contains my favorite inscription, "So nice to see you again!" Since October of 2013, I have met Jen six times and it is truly a delight to meet her every single time! While her inscription of Cursed was was not true at the time, I absolutely love it! Little did we both know that I would see her numerous times in the years to come. 

When I originally met Cora Carmack at ApollyCon in 2015, I got a bookplate signed by her because I did not own any of her books and had never read any of them. Flash forward a few months later and I owned all of her books and read nearly all of them. In addition, I was absolutely in love with her writing and storytelling.

Later that year, I was able to interview her at San Diego Comic-Con, which you can read here. Having the opportunity to interview Cora was a dream come true! It is always amazing to interact with authors at signings and various events, but interviews are very personal and one-on-one. I vividly remember us sitting outside of a panel room that was in session. People were coming in and out of the room and we had to periodically move or make our presence known so we would not get hit by the door. Following the interview, I asked her to sign my copy of All Played Out, which is my favorite book by her. 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to meet Cora since then and this is the only personalized novel I have of hers. While All Played Out is one of my favorite novels and means a lot to me, having the chance to interview Cora is an opportunity I will be forever thankful for. My interview with her was the second in-person author interview I had ever done and one of my absolute favorites. I still have the audio recording and it makes me smile just thinking about it. All Played Out is so valuable to me because of its content and the memories attached to it.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen for Susan Dennard's Street Team for her YA Fantasy series, The Witchlands. I have been a part of the Street Team for almost two years and it has been a dream. I have grown closer to Susan and made some amazing friendships along the way.

My signed copy of Truthwitch is one of my favorite signed books, not only because of the sweet inscription Susan wrote, but also the connection I have with the novel. Having promoted Truthwitch and its sequel, Windwitch, I have an attachment to the novels and having the physical versions make me extremely happy. While I did not write either of the novels, I feel an attachment to them because I have spent a large chunk of time promoting and raving about them. I actually have an entire shelf dedicated to both of Susan's series. I cannot wait to see it expand as the series continues and as she writes more novels.

I cannot wait to see Susan sometime in the future and have Windwitch and my other unsigned novels of hers signed. It is always a joy to met Susan and I was extremely saddened when I was unable to go to her Pennsylvania book signing on her Windwitch tour.

It is always amazing when an author or follower recognizes me outside of the internet. While I have had authors remember me, it is rare for them to remember my name as well. That is not saying that it is bad for an author to not recognize a reader because they have met countless readers, it would be difficult for anyone to remember all those faces. When I met Wendy Higgins in 2015 for the third time, I was shocked when she began personalizing  my book before I had even given her my name. 

I have been in love with Wendy's stories since 2013 and it was a dream come true that she easily recognized me. While my height and hair does distinguish me from most readers, it was shocking that she was able to remember my first and middle name, which I go by on the internet. It was also amazing that she personalized The Great Hunt with Casey Marie because this duology follows a strawberry-blond lead and one of the side characters is a red-head. My hair is what I named my blog and my social media handles after, it was touching that of all the novels she personalized as such was one with a red-head on the cover.

Wendy is such a sweetheart and it has been an amazing few years growing up with her books! I am excited to see what she writes next and I hope to see her soon, too. There are still a couple books in my collection unsigned by her.

One of my favorite series is Kresely Cole's The Arcana Chronicles. It is one of the most under-hyped series that I have read. I have met very few readers that have read the series, but those that have read it are as in love and dedicated to the series as I am. 

Endless Knight is my favorite novel from the series and one of my favorite novels of all-time. Having had the opportunity to met Kresley Cole at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014 was one of the highlights of the convention. She is a sweetheart and her YA series deserves more praise. The novels in this series are rather short, which is perfect for marathoning, but she is able to capture emotion, character development, and action into such a short amount of pages. It is truly magical.

I treasure this signed copy of Endless Knight. The book itself is a masterpiece, but the inscription and the memories surrounding it are just as wonderful. I cannot wait for the next novel in the series and to eventually have my entire collection of The Arcana Chronicles signed. If you have taken anything from this post, it is the fact that you should check out the first novel in The Arcana Chronicles, Poison Princess. I promise you will not regret it.

It is hard to truly describe the attachment I have to each of these books. They might seem like an average book to most, but many of you should understand how precious signed and even unsigned books can be. Books are able to capture memories a way that a camera never can. I have several other signed books that I love and treasure, but these are a few of my absolute favorite signed books. 

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see another post with more of my favorite books. Also let me know in the comments if you have any favorite signed books and why you treasure them so much.

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