Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Celebrate the Book!

     On Saturday, October 19th I attended the Celebrate the Book event in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.   This was the first time I had attended this event, as well as went to a signing with different panels and multiple authors. I got to meet the lovely Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wendy Higgins, Brigid Kemmerer, Shannon Delany, Zoraida Cordova, Elizabeth Norris, Cyn Balog, and Jeri Smith-Ready! They were all so funny, personable, and intriguing. Here are some of the pictures from the event:
 (Zoraida Cordova, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Me, Wendy Higgins, Cyn Balog)


(Me, Zoraida Cordova)

(Me, Elizabeth Norris)

(Me, Wendy Higgins)

 (Wendy Higgins)

(Me, Jennifer L. Armentrout)

      I also got the following books signed:

Cursed by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Obsidian by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Onyx by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Opal by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Origin by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Sweet Evil by, Wendy Higgins
Sweet Peril by, Wendy Higgins
Unraveling by, Elizabeth Norris
Weather Witch by, Shannon Delany
Storm by, Brigid Kemmerer
The Vicious Deep by, Zoraida Cordova 
  As well as some bookmarks and swag

     I had a great time meeting all those authors and the event was also very organized. I am looking forward to next year's event, I hope there will be more. I always thought Pennsylvania had nothing going on but I have meet three of my favorite authors in the last month, I will definitely not take my state for granted anymore!

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