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Release Tour: Safe Bet (The Rules #4) by Monica Murphy

Safe Bet by Monica Murphy
Release Date: January 10th, 2017
Series: The Rules
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sydney Walker’s new job is perfect. As the live-in nanny to the most famous quarterback in the NFL and his beautiful wife, she couldn’t have it any better. Their kids are adorable. Her bosses are more than generous. Plus, there are hot football players at the house all the time. Life can’t get much better than this.

Until her life turns into an absolute nightmare. The media is abuzz with rumors that she and her boss Drew Callahan are having a torrid affair. Everyone knows the truth—except the public. So Drew’s wife Fable comes up with the perfect idea.

She creates a fake relationship between Sydney and one of the rookie players on Drew’s team. Wade Knox is forever indebted to Drew and Fable and readily agrees to the set up. Pretending to be in a romantic relationship with the hot nanny for a week—how hard can it be?

Crazy how it only takes one week for two people to fall head over heels in love…

(This mash-up new adult romance features characters from both the One Week Girlfriend series and The Rules series.)

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My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I received an e-ARC of Safe Bet from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. In preparation for Safe Bet, the fourth book in the New Adult companion series, The Rules, I started the first book in the series, Fair Game. While I enjoyed the humor and other aspects of Fair Game, I found the plot rather problematic and I decided not to finish it. While I decided not to finish Fair Game, I read Safe Bet cover to cover. Although my first encounter with Monica Murphy's books was not the greatest, Safe Bet was an entertaining and enjoyable read. It was so enjoyable that I finished it in two sittings, I could hardly stop myself from finishing it in one sitting. 

The only other Monica Murphy novel I own is One Week Girlfriend and I wish I would have read it instead of Fair Game because the main characters of One Week Girlfriend are also main characters in Safe Bet. The characters of The Rules series are also present in the novel, but the characters from the One Week Girlfriend series are more prevalent. Although I had not completely read either the One Week Girlfriend or The Rules series, I still enjoyed seeing all the characters come together. Fans of either or both series will really enjoy Safe Bet. It ties both series together in a nice bow. While I did not enjoy Fair Game, I am excited to read the One Week Girlfriend series and the other novels in The Rules series. I can only imagine the small touches of both series that I missed in Safe Bet because I had not completely read either series. 

Safe Bet was the perfect novel to start off the New Year. It was light, fun, and humorous. After the close of such an intense year, it was nice to start the New Year in such a pleasant mood. It was fantastic to see Sydney and Wade develop such a sweet relationship that included minimal drama. Although the start of their "relationship" was to divert attention from another source of drama, I loved that Sydney and Wade had no major conflict. Most NA novels are like clockwork; the couple dislikes or is an odd match for each other, they end up getting together under odd circumstances, they then have a major falling out, but magically come back together and live happily ever after. I enjoyed that Sydney and Wade cut out part of that formula, it was refreshing.

The only problem I had with Safe Bet is that it seemed a bit short. I did appreciate that the plot was not drawn out, but I did wish for a little bit more. I was slightly disappointed at the end of Safe Bet because Sydney and Wade were underdeveloped as individuals. This might have occurred because they are both featured in the other novels of their respective series; therefore, their development is stretched across both series. Out of both of them, Wade was the most developed, but I still feel as though we could have learned more about his background, but I guess I will have to read the One Week Girlfriend series to learn more. Sydney, on the other hand, lacked a lot more character development. We learned that she had a bad relationship with her parents, which was probably deeper developed in The Rules series, but it was too quickly resolved in Safe Bet. A reader that only read Safe Bet barely knew anything about their relationship, only that it put her into the position to get the job as a nanny, but then it was quickly resolved at the very end. I understand that the other two series could deeper develop the characters, but they should be fully developed in the plot line of Safe Bet since it is a companion series. Readers like me that read the series out of order should still be able to witness some character development.

Safe Bet was the perfect start to 2017. It was a quick, refreshing read that was the perfect winter read. Safe Bet is the perfect NA contemporary romance to snuggle under a blanket with a warm beverage on a cold winter day. If you have previously read Monica Murphy's One Week Girlfriend and/or The Rules series, I imagine Safe Bet is a great addition to both series. Fans of those series would more than likely appreciate it more than someone who has only read Safe Bet. Do not forget to pick up your own copy of Safe Bet.

Monica Murphy is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 international bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series, the Billionaire Bachelors and The Rules series. Her books have been translated in almost a dozen languages and has sold over one million copies worldwide. She is both self-published and published by Random House/Bantam and Harper Collins/Avon. She writes new adult, young adult and contemporary romance.

She is a wife and a mother of three who lives in central California on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere along with their one dog and too many cats. A self-confessed workaholic, when she's not writing, she's reading or hanging out with her husband and kids. She's a firm believer in happy endings, though she will admit to putting her characters through angst-filled moments before they finally get that hard won HEA.

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