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My Most Highly Anticipated Releases of 2017

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Salvaged (Saints of Denver #4)
by Jay Crownover

Expected Release: June 20th, 2017

Although the third novel in Jay Crownover's Saints of Denver series, Riveted, is also being released in 2017, I am anticipating Salvaged slightly more than Riveted. I am more emotionally invested with the main characters of Salvaged, Poppy and Wheeler, and while Dixie and Church, the main characters of Riveted, deserve a happily ever after, Poppy has come extremely far throughout the Marked Men and the Saints of Denver series. I am excited to see her truly happy and at ease, she has overcome numerous struggles. Poppy is truly deserving of a happily ever after. Wheeler has also been treated poorly in his past relationships. 

I believe that Salvaged also marks the end of the Saints of Denver series. Although I did love the Marked Men series, I absolutely love the character journeys Jay has explored in the Saints of Denver series. If Salvaged is the last Saints of Denver book, it will sadden me; however, I am so glad that Poppy and Wheeler will be closing out the series. Both of them have been crucial characters to the original Marked Men series and it is fitting that they would end the Marked Men spin-off series. Although this might be the end of the Marked Men and the Saints of Denver, I am excited to see what else Jay will explore as her career continues.

Expected Release: June 13th, 2017

I have been in a Cora Carmack withdraw since the release of her latest novel, the third novel in her NA Rusk University series, All Played Out, in 2015. I still have yet to read Finding It, the last novel in her Losing It series because I am afraid of being without any unread Cora Carmack books. (I know I am being slightly dramatic, but have you read anything by Cora Carmack?!) Nonetheless, Roar will most definitely not be sitting on my shelf unread once I get my hands on it.

Roar is the first book in Cora's new YA fantasy series. Not only am I excited because Cora is venturing into the YA genre, I am also excited to see Cora's first venture into the fantasy genre. I know that Roar's beautiful cover is reflecting the novel's inner beauty as well. 

I was slightly disappointed to learn that Cora's upcoming novel was not the fourth book in the Rusk University series or the second novel in the Muse series; however, I am ecstatic to read Roar. Not only is Cora the mastermind behind it, but Tor Teen, the publisher of Susan Dennard's wonderful YA fantasy series, the Witchlands, is publishing Roar. I can only image how amazing Roar will be with Cora Carmack and Tor Teen.

Expected Release: March 28th, 2017

Like many others, I began highly anticipating Strange the Dreamer after it was announced in late 2015. I was devastated that its original release date of fall of 2016 was pushed back into early 2017, but I am glad that Laini was given the opportunity to develop the book further. I was fortunate enough to meet Laini at San Diego Comic-Con this year and it was an absolute dream come true. I was even more excited for Strange the Dreamer after I had the opportunity to meet her and receive a sampler and some Strange the Dreamer buttons. 

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy is one of the first YA Fantasy series I read and it is one of my absolute favorites. Laini's writing ability only increased in style and beauty as the trilogy progressed, I can only imagine how much more her writing has grown in Strange the Dreamer

I am most certainly not alone in my excitement for Strange the Dreamer. I have read countless tweets from book lovers who are begging for an ARC of Strange the Dreamer. I cannot blame them, especially after seeing how beautiful the UK ARCs are. If that is only a preview from the finished UK edition, I will most definitely be preordering the UK edition. It will put all my other books to shame.

Expected Release: June 6th, 2017

Out of my entire list, I know the least about Royal Bastards. I briefly read the summary of Royal Bastards a month ago and I remember nothing about it except the fact that I was intrigued. I saw a few people with an ARC of Royal Bastards that got a copy from New York City Comic-Con and I considered trading for an ARC; however, I was accepted to read and review a copy of Netgalley. I am extremely excited to read my eARC of Royal Bastards after I finish a few other books for review.

Royal Bastards is a YA Fantasy novel; however, I do not know whether it is in a series or if it is a standalone. In addition, I believe that Royal Bastards is Andrew Shvarts debut novel. I have yet to read any reviews because I want to start it with a clear mind. I am excited to see the cover reveal sometime next year and hopefully more hype surrounding it as its release date approaches.

Expected Release: July 11th, 2017

Because You Love to Hate Me is one of my most highly anticipated releases of next year because of the number of amazing authors featured in the anthology. In addition, each of these talented authors are in collaboration with one of thirteen Booktubers. This anthology is bringing together the book community in a new and exciting way. I hope publishing companies continue to bring the book community together in a similar fashion. 

They recently released the pairings of the authors and booktubers in addition to which villain they have. I was surprised by how many villains I was unfamiliar with. I am interested to learn more about these particular villains from these amazing authors and booktubers. I am also excited to see how these talented writers will go from writing longer books to short stories. Because You Love Me will be an interesting experience that I hope I love.

Expected Release: June 27th, 2017

I absolutely loved the first book in the Conqueror's saga, And I Darken. (You can read my review for And I Darken here). The landscape, the characters, the plot, everything was magnificent and beautifully done. The Ottoman Empire is my second favorite empire and it was amazing to read about it in a YA Historical Fiction novel. Although the covers make the novels appear to be fantasy orientated, they are strictly historical fiction with a gender-bender twist.

I have heard mixed reviews on And I Darken. Many individuals did not enjoy the novel because of its slow pace, but I personally loved that element of the story. It allowed the reader to familiarize themselves with the characters and their circumstances. If you enjoy those types of novels, I would highly recommend Now I Rise

I am highly anticipating the release of Now I Rise, I cannot wait to continue reading about each of the characters and their journey. I also cannot wait to read about the Fall of Constantinople in book two.

Expected Release: February 28th, 2017

I recently learned about Daughter of the Pirate King and it instantly reached my most anticipated list. When I read that Anna Banks referred to the main character as "a Lady Jack Sparrow" I was sold. I can only imagine the journey the readers will go on. Daughter of the Pirate King appears to be an epic, action-packed adventure and thrill ride that leaves readers breathless. I am excited to see if it lives up to its comparison with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Besides Anna Banks', I have not read any other reviews for Daughter of the Pirate King. I have heard several others say that they are highly anticipating it as well. I am also excited to discover Tricia's writing style since this is her debut. I am excited to see how the Daughter of the Pirate King compares to other YA Fantasies. The YA Fantasy genre is bustling next year.

2017 is going to be full of phenomenal YA/NA releases. It will be a year full of stunning debuts, heart pounding sequels, and monumental finals. 2017 is also home to important diverse books such as The Hate U Give by Angie ThomasUnfortunately, I could not mention all of the amazing books being released this year. Comment below with your most highly anticipated releases, I would love to add them to my preorder list.

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