Sunday, May 4, 2014

YA Fest 2014

     On Saturday, the 19th of April I attended YA Fest 2014 in Easton, PA. I had an amazing time. There were 50 young adult and middle grade authors in attendance. I live about 4 hours from Easton but since it was Easter weekend I was at my Aunt's house, who only lived a little over an hour away from Easton. I was not quite sure if I wanted to go, I had had a busy week and the main reason I wanted to go to meet Jennifer L. Armentrout, who I had met once before. Nonetheless, I figured why not go. I am so glad I decided to go! I had so much fun meeting all 50 authors and chatting with them. I got several books signed as well as I won some books and also received a book from one of the authors there. Plus, they gave away so much swag, book marks, bags, etc. Once I go through all the swag I may have a giveaway, so keep your eyes out for that! Here are all the books I got:

Books I got Signed:
White Hot Kiss by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Don't Look Back by, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Face of Death by, Kelly Hashway
Alpha Goddess by, Amalie Howard
Bloodspell by, Amalie Howard
Poison Study by, Maria V. Snyder
All Our Yesterdays by, Cristin Terrill

Books I Won/Recieved:
Dirty Little Secret by, Jennifer Echols
Face of Death by, Kelly Hashway
Piece of My Heart by, Lynn Maddalena Menna
This Song Will Save Your Life by, Leila Sales

Books I Bought At Their Book Sale:
Bite Club by, Rachel Caine
Twilight by, Stephenie Meyer (Regular cover)
Unbelievable by, Sara Shepard
Small Town Sinners by, Melissa Walker

     I highly recommend if you live around Easton, PA that you check out YA Fest if they do it again next year! I plan on going if they do! Have any of you guys attended this year? If you have, what did you guys think? Also, have any of you guys read any of the books above, if so, what did you guys think?

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