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United We Spy (Gallagher Girls #6) by, Ally Carter



Cammie Morgan has lost her father and her memory, but in the heart-pounding conclusion to the best-selling Gallagher Girls series, she finds her greatest mission yet. Cammie and her friends finally know why the terrorist organization called the Circle of Cavan has been hunting her. Now the spy girls and Zach must track down the Circle’s elite members to stop them before they implement a master plan that will change Cammie—and her country—forever. (Via

Pages: 304


Release Date: September 17, 2013



    It is hard to explain in words how much I love the Gallagher Girls series .  United We Spy ended the series and it was the perfect book to do so.  There were a couple minor things that I wish would have been put in, like Mr. Solomon and Cammie's Mom's wedding, but it leaves your brain with some room for imagination
      I think to myself sometimes, Why do I have favorite authors?  Most of my favorite authors are so different that I wonder what I see in each of them.  Ally Carter is one of my favorite authors and this book showed why I love her as an author.  Her writing is witty, fun, filled with action, sprinkled with a little romance, dramatic, intelligent, includes lists and charts, and is family orientated.  Plus, when I read her books I notice a variety of quotes that I find inspiring, funny, and are full of meaning.
      I broke down a bit when the girls were graduating.  It kind of felt like my best friends were graduating and leaving me behind.  But the scene that really got me was Liz's speech about what a Gallagher Girl truly is.  As well as when she was saying what the Academy was made of, that they did not draw power from the building, but the opposite. 
      When the Academy burnt down, I felt an array of emotions.  Everything was tied to the building, yet everyone stood fine without it. I know that sounds confusing but it is true.  Like Liz said, they were the ones who made the Academy not the reverse. I do wonder when they rebuild the Academy how it will be.  Will it have it's old ancient touches like the old one?  Or will it be more modern and technologically forward? That will probably be the question that will always go unanswered.
       All of the girls seem to be headed in opposite directions, even though they will always work for the same side.  Knowing the sisterhood they will never be too far apart for too long. I learned from this series that the girls will always be there for one another.  I have good friendships with my friends but nothing compares to their four relationships, they truly are sisters.
     Of all major disasters the circle could have created, it never even crossed my mind that they would attempt to start a Third World War.  A Third World War that was indirectly started up by Liz.  It was a question on one of the hundred tests Liz had to take to get into the Gallagher Academy.
      Zach's father was revealed during the book.  I highly doubted it was Mr. Solomon, which but I I hoped it was.  After everything Zach has been through I wanted him to have a father that he was close to and could connect with.  His father turned out to be Agent Townsend.  Of everyone that Zach's father could have been, I never expected Agent Town.  It did not cross my mind that he could possibly be Zach's father. It seemed too far fetched to me. But, I never even thought of Agent Townsend as a possibility.
      One of my favorite moments in the whole book was when the Blackthorn boys came to the rescue when the gang was trying to get Preston out of the Alaskan jail.  Immediately, when Zach said they could trust the guy flying the helicopter I knew instantly it was Grant and Jonas.  It was great getting to see both of them after not seeing them for a couple books.  I wonder what those boys are up to now.
      The most disappointing thing about the book to me, was that it did not feature Mr. Solomon and Cammie's Mom's wedding.  I thought it was so cute that they ended up together!  Even though I first liked Mr. Solomon and Abby together, but  Abby and Agent Townsend make a great couple as well.
      The deaths in United We Spy consisted of, Ambassador Winter, Dr. Steve, Catherine, King Najeeb, Agent Edward, and other circle members.  
       Both Bex and Cammie had a brush of death after getting shot different times throughout the book. 
       When Amy was first introduced into the book, I was not sure what role she was going to play because all of Ally Carter's characters have a purpose.  Then it was revealed that she was really Princess Amirah, the Princess of Caspia.   
       Overall, the entire Gallagher Girls series is action-packed, witty, fun, adventurous, suspenseful, mysterious, and family valued.  I am super excited for next Saturday because I will be meeting Ally Carter during her tour when it comes to Philadelphia.  The Gallagher Girls series was not the first series I ever read, but it was the first one I have loved.  I would like to thank Ally Carter and all the Gallagher Girls for getting me into reading.  Like I said before, this was the first series I had fallen in love with and it opened my eyes to other fantastic books and series.  I would not say before discovering this series that I hated books, but I read because I had to.  This series opened me up to these different worlds and I will forever be thankful because of that.  Reading is who I am and without this series, I would not be who I am now.  This series is now coming to a close but I will never forget it, it created who I am.  To me, the Gallagher Girls will live on forever even if the series is over.



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  1. Interesting conclusion, Casey! I've heard of this series numerous times, I have even been recommended to it! I never really thought to actually read it, but now that I've discovered your love for this book, I see the connection and attatchment to it! From what I gather in your statement, I'm guessing these witty young girls are congeniable, and pretty close. I'm fascinated already and I havn't even read the book! Have fun meeting Ally Carter, I wish you the best of luck with it! I am forseeing a fast-paced thriller that holds some mysteries and a tad bit of romance to ease the book series along, I feel like it mimicks a lot like "Viral Nation" written by Shaunta Grimes, I'm going to check this series out! Thank you, Casey, my comrade! Have fun in Philly!