Monday, September 30, 2013

Meeting Ally Carter!

     On Saturday, September 28th, Ally Carter came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for her United We Spy tour.  I live about five hours away from Philadelphia but I convinced my parents to take me to the event.  It was the first book signing I had ever gone to and it was perfect!  I got there about four hours earlier and got a front row seat. I was the first person there for the event.  During her Q & A session, she answered one of my questions and since I was in the front row, she asked me to open her bottle of Fiji water because she could not open it with one hand.  I had worn an OSU, Oklahoma State University t-shirt and she instantly picked it out since she went to school there.  She had asked me if I knew the score to the game, sadly I did not, but my Dad did.  When it came time for her to sign the books, I was sixth in line.  I got all the YA books she has ever written signed, both Gallagher and Heist Society series.  I also got her to sign the sleeve of my OSU t-shirt so that t-shirt will always have a special meaning to me.  Here are some of the pictures of Ally Carter and I:

     Ally Carter ended up being hysterical, down to Earth, and super sweet.  I am so glad to have fallen in love with her series. As well as I am thrilled that she came to Philadelphia and I had the chance to meet her, especially since the Gallagher Girls series has now come to a close.  


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