Saturday, April 25, 2015

Interview with Kylee Carrier

Kylee Carrier is a teen-fiction writer, aspiring journalist, and young author of many articles and novels. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two terriers, and family.

I was able to interview author Kylee Carrier about her debut novel, Shadow Zombie, and her upcoming projects. Do not miss out, for a LIMITED time, the Shadow Zombie e-book is FREE! Visit HERE for more details.

Casey Marie: How would you describe your writing style? 

Kylee Carrier: I would describe my writing style as unique in the sense that I include humor, as well as realistic components to my novels. I enjoy relating to my readers in a very dark sarcastic manner, and I will always love enticing my readers with subtle foreshadowing and hysterical jokes that are secretly hidden within the novel itself. I've heard from a lot of my fans that they love the fact that they can reread a passage over and over again because of its unique content - and never get bored from rereading it!

CM: How do you come up with character names?

KC: That's such a fantastic question, and I'm so happy you asked it! I've had numerous people ask me this, and I always have a rather interesting way of answering. It's known that I'm a huge fan of music, and without music, I'd be lost. So, it's not odd to say that a lot of my characters' names come from band names. I have a gigantic canvas of bands on my wall at home, and to say the least, when I was exploring character names, I turned to my mural of my favorite bands, and picked out names. For example, Jamiro's name came from Jamiroquai, a band known for its part in Napoleon Dynamite (the band's song Canned Heat was played during the dance scene). Troggy's name came from The Troggs who sung Wild Thing. As for Eury, and Zusyl, well, their names came out of nowhere!

CM: If you had to be roommates with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

KC: Oh my, Gosh! I have no idea. I think that Simone and I are a lot alike, and we are both leaders. That might make us disagree a lot, so I would probably say no to Simmy. I think I'd like to be roommates with Troggy, just because of her spunky attitude. I feel like I'd never be bored with her, and she'd always be there in case of an emergency. You never know when you might need a shadow killer around!

CM: What do you want readers to take away from Shadow Zombie

KC: I would like readers to take away whatever they want to! I feel like my ideas and my characters are free, therefore, I find it only fair to let my readers have the last laugh on my books. From my own experience, I can say that I take tidbits from novels, and keep them up in my brain's filing cabinets. I think that it's the little things, like certain dialogue or character traits that count, rather than the actual plot. 

CM: Without too many spoilers, what can readers expect from the next book, Shadow Dream?

KC: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Ohhhhh, boy! My fans are going to flip when they read the second book! I can say that Shadow Dream definitely tests the group's trust, as well as what it really means to survive. Simone is caught in a wave of life or death situations, and she's constantly searching for more and more answers. It's only a matter of time until her whole world falls apart, so on that cliffhanger, I'm just going to end this question now before I give too much away! If my fans are interested though, they can easily read the first three chapters of Shadow Dream for free on Wattpad anytime!

CM: What are you currently working on?

KC: I'm currently working on a novella called Fourth Person, and a two-part series called Rebel Pulse. The first book of the Rebel Pulse series is titled A Rebel's Raiment. I'm also in the middle of The Black Shadow Chronicles, and I hope to start the last book of the series within the upcoming months. My fans will be able to learn more about the upcoming novella and series on my Google + account (Kylee Carrier) in a few weeks. You can also check out these new projects on my Goodreads account (Kylee Carrier), where I will give the book summaries and plot lines very soon!

CM: Who is your dream cast for Shadow Zombie?

KC: I think that my dream cast would consist of average-looking kids (you know, like real people!). I wouldn't want the glamorous Hollywood perception for my cast. I'm searching for that special personality for all of my characters. One of the reasons why I never made my covers have people on them is because of this reason. Every time I read a book and it has a person on the front cover, my brain automatically picks that model as the character themselves. That is why I would have to search endlessly for cast members. I want ones with that special spark that ignites when you see them on stage!!!

CM: Do feel bad about killing off your characters?

KC: Yes!!! When a character dies in my novels, my heart tears to pieces. I sometimes sit at my keyboard and cry for a time or two. At the same time, however, I know that it was supposed to happen. It was fate! It completes the cycle. Without death, then there is no danger. No action. No thrill. Often times, we as readers forget that characters can die, and when the cold realization hits that they are dead, it brings the novel back into perspective. It reminds us that no one is invincible, and that death is simply a part of life. Besides, where there is faith, there is life! Even when a character does die, there is always the chance that their spirit lives on.

CM: What advice do you give to inspiring authors? 

KC: I think that my biggest advice is to relax and take things with moderation. Balance is key when writing a novel. Sometimes authors need breaks. It's perfectly normal to let the story sit for a while on its own while you mull it over. If an author is worried that they'll forget something, sticky notes are available! There's also a reason why the word "synopsis" was invented! It's not about rushing out a story, and it's not about taking fifty years to write one. It's about moderation, and peace with your work. If you're stressed over the novel, then more than likely, it is not your best work! Dedication, effort, and persistence is what makes a novel whole.

CM: Describe Shadow Zombie in five words. 

KC: Shadow Zombie in five words: persevering love, relentless death, hope.

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