Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beautiful Creatures, Putting All the Pieces Together

   In only two weeks Beautiful Creature will be coming out in theaters and lately there has been a lot of cast interviews, since the main stars are on mall tours, as well as featurettes and short clips from scenes from the actual movie! This is my idea of how the movie is going to be like, from all the information I have gathered in the past months. But first here is........

My history with Beautiful Creatures:

    If you have not guessed already I am a pretty big fan of the book series and was ecstatic last May when I found out it was being turned into a movie. I started reading the books in the early fall of 2011 when I watched a book review on it from one of my favorite youtube book bloggers. This Halloween I dressed up as Lena and I am currently trying to persuade my parents to take me to the midnight premier of Beautiful Creature, but sadly so far I am not winning.

Putting the pieces together:

    In the past week Warner Brother's has been releasing a lot of tv spots, as well as clips from the actual movie, which has been making me have a lot of fangirl moments. From what I have gathered from all that has been released is that the movie is basically just a companion, meaning the plot line and some main points are the same but it is not exactly like the book. I at first wanted them to be very similar but once I thought about it and you don't always want to always know what to expect. 
     A lot of people have been fuming about Marian and Amma's character being combined into Amma's character. I totally get that because they are both amazing characters but they both bring something else to the series. Like Amma is more of the Mother figure and protector of Ethan while Marian is more involved in the Caster World and they both have different purposes for being in the series. I really just want to see how they make it work because the number one keeper rule is don't get involved and Amma gets involved all the time by trying to save Ethan and for her being into vodo, or whatever you want to call it. But don't get me wrong, Marian was one of my favorite character and she's really important but I just want to see how there going to incorporatethe characters together.
     From some of the cast interviews it sounds like the movie is going to have the dreams Ethan and Lena have. I am so excited to see how they make those since Ethan could never see Lena's face, but he could only remember her smell. I am also curious if his sheets are going to be dirty or anything that shows that they were "real".
     One question I have is, when Ridley says about the curse is it the same one we know about. I am really not sure if they are going to have the curse Genevieve put on the family from trying to revive Ethan with the Book of Moons or are they make a totally different one. I also wounder, it sounds like when Lena talks about it that only women casters get claimed and only her family got claimed like that. Also I am curious if the stakes on Lena's claiming will be as high, meaning if she goes Dark her family that is Light will die and vice versa.  
     Also on a related note, I am really interested in Lena's claiming because in the book she has her own party, and the war reenactment is on that day, but it doesn't really interfere with it at all, it is just mentioned. But it seems as if she'll be at the reenactment or looking for Ethan at it because in the commercials her powers are destroying the reenactment and Lena is running around in her claiming dress during it. Anyway, it looks really exciting and of course we finally get to see the reenactment!
     So that is somewhat of what I believe will happen in the movie. If you have not read Beautiful Creatures I highly recommend it and you still have time before is hits theaters February 14 to read it. If you have read it, what are you expecting from the movie, comment below! I hope to see some of you at the theater on February 14. 

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  1. Hey! :) I love the way you redesigned your blog, Casey :-) hehe, maybe I could help persuade your parents so you can go to Beautiful Creatures Midnight Premiere lol. So, as I've guessed, I noticed you are a huge fan of this series, I may have to check it out sometime. I have only read a few fantasy-type series that usually dabble in mystical worlds like Strange Angel series, or more sinister like Vampire Academy. I like these types of books because they usually have a darker/deeper meaning to it than the actual story line itself. Very nice post, Casey! :) I'll be waiting for more! :D